We look to invest our funds in established companies operated by experienced and proven management teams with a history of building enterprise value
Investment Size:

Opportunities are available for investments ranging from $250k to $15 million. Numerous factors contribute to the determination of the investment amount, but typically, the investment size will closely align with up to 10% of the company’s TTM Run Rate Revenues


Investments encompass a range of credit rankings, including senior, junior secured, subordinated, unsecured, and off-balance sheet positions


Multiple on Invest Capital ‘MOIC’ ranging from 1.15x - 1.45x


Short-term horizon, anywhere from 1-12 months with longer terms being case by case

Early Payment Incentives:

Providing a discount of 30-50% for prepayments made within the initial half of the loan’s maturity. We incentivize our partners with attractive prepayment discounts at a lower MOIC

Additional Investment Rights (AIR):

Borrowers will qualify for additional capital from C6 Capital once they have reimbursed 40-50% of the initial investment sum

Equity Involvement:

C6 Capital will refrain from pursuing ownership stakes in borrower firms and will exclusively concentrate on debt based investments

Execution Speed:

3-4 business days to close


Our primary concentration is on investments within the United States. We consider international investments when they involve a U.S.-based entity

Ownership Arrangement:

This encompasses privately owned enterprises, ventures with sponsor support, and publicly traded companies (PubCos)

Contact Details


441 Lexington Ave 18 Floor New York, NY 10017