C6 Capital
Case Studies
Industrial container services with 30 state approved commercial use waste management containers

Commercial use waste management container business with 30 state approved waste containers. Business wants to reconsolidate their existing short-term MCA debt, strengthen their balance sheet, and add to cashflow.

  • Revs 2023: 5.4mm
  • Security/Collateral: First lien on SAAS receivables, warrant agreement with equity pledge.
Retail chain of clothing bin stores

Business is an outlet for unused products buying truckloads of manifested goods. Bridge to working capital and refinance existing debt. Refi is for a line of credit with a 1mm balance.

  • Revs 2023: 36mm
  • EBITDA: 2.2mm
  • Security/Collateral: Lien on all company assets (inventory)
Provides cell/stem therapies to treat cancer patients

Bridge through sale of business that was held up during diligence, need for capital to take out senior lender.

  • Revs 2023: 2.6mm
  • EBITDA: 290k
  • Security/Collateral: Lien on all company assets, including equity in two office buildings
Dental holding company that purchases specialty practices at 5-8x EBITDA, 110+ dental practices throughout the southeast US

Acquiring more locations, IPO Bridge. Looking to do a small cap IPO to raise equity and acquire additional businesses.

  • Revs 2023: 130mm
  • EBITDA: 8mm
  • Security/Collateral: Senior debt
Miami-based digital marketing agency that specializes in search engine optimization services

Working capital and transaction costs. Business was purchased by a PE firm in August 2023 and was short of capital. PE firm opted for non-dilutive loan rather than go back to LP investors.

  • Revs 2023: 5.8mm
  • EBITDA: 1.2mm
  • Security/Collateral: PG
IT Consultant and PC repair for small to midsize businesses

Offer an array of internet security products and solutions. Are short of LP capital, would rather take non-dilutive loan.

  • Revs 2023: 1.6mm
  • EBITDA: 301k
  • Security/Collateral: PE fund guarantee, PG
Medical center for vein, foot, and heart specialists based out of Arizona

Opening up surgical center, house in contract to sell.

  • Revs 2023: 33.6mm
  • EBITDA: Adj 4mm
  • Security/Collateral: Equity pledge on borrower's multi million dollar valued vacation residence.
Full-service Michigan based law firm. Attorneys for Ford Motor Company

Coming out of a slow period, ramping up staff. Frontloaded payroll into busy season. Ford had undergone several strikes and needed a bridge.

  • Revs 2023: 16.8mm
  • EBITDA: 4mm
  • Security/Collateral: PG, AR
Commercial security provider and armed guard business

Servicing client accounts post acquisition of a vertical with blue chip clients.

  • Revs 2023: 119mm
  • EBITDA: 11.8mm
  • Security/Collateral: Senior debt position. UCC-1 Lien on business
Electric car charger manufacturer

Bridge to close off the year, payoff vendors, and purchase of raw materials. 2x YOY growth, projecting a forward 12-month growth rate of 3x. Have $80mm backlog, needed cash to build raw material inventory and pull forward growth before EOY.

  • Revs 2023: 21mm
  • Security/Collateral: PG
Workforce management and subscription staffing platform

New facility taking out the current one for 750k. Refi of a previous deal at the maturity MOIC, resulting in roughly 250k in fresh powder.

  • Revs 2023: 15.6mm
  • Security/Collateral: Senior debt position UCC-1 on business, PG
The 3rd largest egg producer in the country

Working capital and to pay legal settlement for violation of non compete.

  • Revs 2023: 64mm
  • EBITDA: 7.1mm
  • Security/Collateral: Contract with mainstream food and beverage manufacturer
Cash flow forecasting software to MM businesses

Have a SAAS lending platform underwriting credit facilities and collecting on arbitrage. Preparing for a Series B in 2024, need short term bridge to get there. C6 has a 1st lien on receivables and warrant agreement with equity pledge.

  • Revs 2023: 5.7mm
  • EBITDA: Negative
  • Security/Collateral: Warrant Agreement
Behavioral health center combining medical and behavioral services

Preparing for a vertical acquisition Purchase price of 3.7mm, have funded partially with a 500k note. Plan to take our creditors with structured capital transaction.

  • Revs 2023: 40mm
  • EBITDA 2023: 8.2mm
  • Security/Collateral: PG
Trash Collection and recycling company

The company was awarded new contracts and needed working capital to execute. It had a 90-million-dollar credit facility from Goldman Sachs and was looking for subordinated debt. C6 Capital provided a 2mm Advance.

  • Revs: 70mm
  • Adjusted Ebitda: 10mm
  • EV: 110mm
Hardware manufacturer and seller of smart tablet accessories

Manufacturer and seller of accessories (cases and keyboards) for smart tablets. They were constantly growing sales which created a working capital issue. New models of tablets required new molds and even after factoring their AR, more cash was needed.

  • Revs: 25mm
  • EV: 40mm
Consumer Credit and Identity Solutions

The company was unable to get traditional debt and was having a tough time raising equity. C6 provide several advances, we were secured by all assets

  • Revs: 2mm
  • EBITDA: Slightly Profitable
Cannabis Magazine and Event Thrower

The company was purchased in a leveraged buyout. Since then, it had raised over 20mm dollars through a Reg A. The company was throwing cannabis events, parties, concerts, and more. As they scaled up for more events, they needed more working capital.

  • Revs- 12mm
  • Ebitda- Negative
  • 10mm senior debt
Manufacturer and Seller of Aluminum Foil

US-China trade wars put a tariff on aluminum foil increasing the price. The company needed more funds to place a bulk order to get a price reduction.

  • Revs- 16mm
  • Ebitda- Break Even
  • Debt outstanding 5mm
AI-Enabled Advertising Company

As a result of high R+D costs the company would not become profitable until it reached 20mm of revenue. The capital was needed to bridge to that point.

  • Revs 15mm
  • Ebitda -2mm
  • Enterprise value of 80mm
LGBTQ Magazine

There was a working capital need to gear up for pride day. The company receives 35% of its annual revenues during this time.

  • Revs 8mm
  • Ebitda -1mm
  • Debt outstanding 3mm
Publicly traded Gas company

The company had a more efficient way to cut through metals. It was cheaper and safer for the environment. It needed capital to hire salesmen.

Med device manufacturer

Company was looking for growth capital, to finish out the expansion of a new product line. The CEO was a convicted felon over a decade ago and was unable to get a traditional loan.

  • Revs 20mm
  • 2.5mm Ebitda
  • No debt
Publicly Traded DTC Pharmacy

The Company had toxic paper that was about to convert. Ultimately, it was cheaper for them to pay expensive debt rates than force conversion.

Cannabis Manufacturer/Distributor

Company needed cash to buy bulk flower. They can make 15% margins on each turn, were averaging 2.5X turns a month.

Private Surgical Center in Dallas

The Company mainly did elective surgery and that was shut down due to covid. The Company had outstanding payables to a medical device company. Without payment, they were not going to continue to do business with the surgical center.

Cannabis Manufacturer

The company converts bulk flower into oil. They have 300% margins. The capital need was to purchase bulk flower.

Vertically integrated cannabis company

The exclusive distributor of the Cookies brand in their state. The company needed CAPEX to build out additional nurseries.

Oil and Gas Manufacturer and Disaster Clean Up

The company needed working capital for growth. It had 3mm of AR unencumbered from tier A credits which we used to securitize the loan. This is a public company.

Telecom provider

One of the leading new-generation telecommunication companies that deal with both wholesale carrier services and retail pin-enabled and pinless calling. They were seeking a factoring facility to increase growth. The company was having a hard time securing the factor, mainly due to credit insurance since a majority of its revenues come from third-world countries. C6 was asked to provide growth/bridge capital until a factor was in place.

Uber Advertising

Venture-backed company that provides targeted advertising solutions to companies. This was done through wrapped cars and tech in the car targeted towards the customers. The company is doing roughly 500K a month in revenues, all top tier AR that we had the first look on. The company was looking to raise equity at a higher valuation, trading at roughly 7X revenue.

Law Firm

Company exclusively works with Ford and GM. Ford’s payment portal changed causing a working capital issue for the business. The company needed 400K to make payroll.

Electronics Manufacturer selling via e-commerce

The company was doing an IPO which got delayed. The company needed additional cash to pay for soft costs.

PPE Distributor of Nitrile Gloves.

Company needed more capital to purchase inventory.