About Us

C6 Capital was built on the premise that Microcap Public and Private companies are undervalued in the marketplace. In this business we bet on the jockey not the horse. We understand that management teams believe their equity is undervalued so we developed a product that guards against manipulation in the market.

Why Public Companies Choose C6 Capital

  • Avoid the dubious process of registering securities-This process can take up to 6 months
  • Protecting company share value by not diluting stock with the issuance of Convertible Debentures, Warrants, or any other toxic instrument
  • Avoid due diligence and legal fee’s
  • We can close and fund a transaction in less than 5 business days. Our experience is that our competitors can take up to one month

Why Private Companies Choose C6 Capital

  • Sensible alternative for working capital
  • Pre payment discounts
  • Competitive rates
  • Speed in which we close transactions

When to choose C6 Capital

  • If your company does not have liquidity
  • If your company does not generate EBITDA or free cash
  • If your company already has senior debt
  • If your company is looking for a bridge
  • If your company is making an acquisition

What do our investments look like?

Investment Range

250K to 3mm. Sweet spot is 1 mm


4 to 12 months. Sweet spot is 8 months.

Cost of Capital

1.5 to 2.5 points per month.

Prepayment Discount

We encourage our partners to pay us off as early as possible by offering steep prepayment discounts.


Unsecured. We do not file UCCs, we do not have a perfected security interest at closing. We will invest behind both Lines of Credit and other Institutional Senior debt.


We apply a straight line amortization, either weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly to our investments.

Time to close

3-5 business days.