We are

C6 Capital, LLC.

Timely impact for a valuable future

Why C6 Capital

Quick Processing

Cutting down the dubious legal documentation part of the deal process.

Fast Transactions

C6 core competency is speed. Average turn time from first call to funding is 5 business days.

Downside Protection

C6 Capital purchases future revenues for a discounted rate. C6 only has downside protection if management breaks validity. If the company goes bankrupt C6 has no claims.

No Upfront Fees

No deposit required for business due diligence and legal fees.

Appreciate Value

We don’t require liquidity or EBITDA

Pre-Payment Discounts

Savings of up to 15%

Our Mission

Established in 2018, C6 capital is a 100 % unsecured focused company.

Who we fund

  • US domiciled business that have US bank accounts, with revenues that are generated within the United States
  • We invest in both Public and Private companies.
  • We invest in all sectors except for financial services and non income producing real estate ventures